Team Building


BHTech International approach for team building model is based on delivering high quality, valuable web and mobile development services by focusing on our strength in resource scalability and processes transparency in research and development. This is in contrast with software coding and a polished recruitment and training processes. The team works in Vietnam. Team members are selected as your remote in house development staffs.

We do collect very good candidates to fit your needs. Partners can participate in the interview and decide which one is qualified to join the team. We are responsible for preparation of working environment and training team members with basic processes, working manor, communication and other soft skills.

What are your benefits?

  • Share risks for partners

Lower cost in the trail and training period

Change the labor contracts into service contracts

Long-term relationship

  • Focused on adding value

BHTech International takes a consulting approach to understand main priorities of your business, your position in market, and the most critical aspects of your product’s success. We are leveraging cutting-edge web and mobile technologies and our vast expertise in software development to help you generate more revenue.

  • Proper Management

Team members are always focus on your projects and management, focus on your success. We believe that communication, recruitment and training processes are the key points of an on-going success. Your team is developed just for you and it is trained to reach your objectives. After all, you’re the boss. We’re here to make sure that your team is effective and fit your goals you have set.

  • Transparency and cost saving

We foster friendly relationships with our clients and make our business processes as transparent as possible. We provide you with adequate information on the cost, workflow, and resources of your team. You have figures and possess all necessary information to make your right decisions in management. You always can see your budget in advance.

  • Research and Development

Business, Web and mobile software development always need a creative process. In order to be successful, you should be innovative and make complex things simple. We utilize R&D. Thus, we are able to deliver a wide range of solutions and provide advices to your problems, making the best choices for your software products.