Questions that you may have:

  • IP -Intellectual property

Q: How about IP and how can you secure IP?

A: We will have NDA between you and BHTech International. We will ask all related members to sign an additional NDA between members and BHTech International if necessary.

  • Secure room

Q: May I have a separated/isolated room for my projects teams?

A: Yes, BHTech International can arrange a separate room as you may need for the working environment based on the signed service contract

  • Cost

Q: Is the cost that I pay to BHTech International covered everything?

A: The invoice sent to you by BHTech International is based on the detail speculated in the signed service contract. If there is not any unexpectation, the invoice will show the total cost exactly including developers’ fee, basic facility, internet connection and basic training. The developer levels, facilities, internet connection and training are detailed specified in the followings.

Q: Will BHTech International charge the same fee/ price for all level of developers?

A: No, will not. There are several levels and categories of employees in BHTech International as developer (junior, senior), QA, team leaders, and project managers. These employees are able to join your team. We have offer different prices/fees for each level.

Q: What is the cost difference between developer levels?

A: Several levels are:

- Junior developers are qualified programmers with minimum of one-year experience and understanding of project requirement in English. They are able to communicate in English properly.

- Senior developers are qualified programmers with minimum of three-year experience and full project requirement understanding. They are able to communicate in English properly.

- Team leaders have a minimum of five year experience in IT with the knowledge of software architecture/solution. Additionally, a good communication skill is requisite requirement for team leaders.

- Project managers have been experienced in project management and proficient in English.

  • Facilities

Q: What kind of facilities are there and how is the working environment in BHTech International?

A: Basically, BHTech International will equip developers with working space of 4-5 meter square on average, the tables and chairs, good PCs (CPU with Intel Core i3, 8GB RAM and 500GB HDD, 19″ LCD), and stable broad band internet connection.

If you have any specific requirement, BHTech International will discuss and specify in the service agreement.

  • Internet connection

Q: Will developers have a good internet connection?

A: BHTech International has several FTTH lines from 2 ISPs. This makes sure that all developers will have minimum of 2Mb with local (Vietnam) internet connection.

  • Software licenses

Q: What kind of software license will bundle with the service contract?

A: Any PCs in BHTech International will have its OS licenses (MS Windows or Ubuntu). It is bundled with the service contract. Other software and tools are not covered. Therefore, if you need to use, please send us your software license, or we will buy it instead.

  • Processes

Q: Do developers know and familiar with any software development process?

A: Yes, we are familiar with Agile/Scrum or Kanban. Furthermore, our developers use several tools such as Trello.com, Redmine, Bugzilla, SVN, github…

  • Overlap/shift time

Q: Will developers be able to work with a few shift-time hours to have overlapped working hours with customers?

A: With EU time zone, there is about 3-5 hours overlap in the afternoon compared to Vietnam time. With the US customers, there is much difference in working hours. Thus, we can offer the time shift to work with customers depending on specific projects.

  • On-site

Q: Is this possible to send developers to work on-site at the customer’s office?

A: Yes, BHTech International can send our developers abroad to have a seat at the customer’s office for few months or a year. This will be a very good model for long-term projects as the project team will have a higher productivity. ??

Staffs of our customers are welcome to our office and work with the team in Hanoi if any.

  • Direct work with developers

Q: Will you allow your developers work directly with customer or they have to work through translator or supporter?

A: Yes, of course. Customers are always welcome to work with our developers during the projects.

  • Visit our office

Q: May I visit BHTech International office?

A: Yes, all customers are welcome to visit our office to see the working environment and developers with an advance notice. We hope you will have the real positive feeling of the team in Vietnam.

  • Some other related questions

Q: What type of contract will it be?

A: BHTech International would like to sign a master service agreement to define service levels. Each project can sign an order for the development work.

Q: Can I do a pilot project?

A: Yes, of course. BHTech International would like to have pilot project at the first time to learn the working style of customers also. We shall review the pilot project and draw any lessons to make a better delivery in the future.

Q: How often should I conduct teleconferences with BHTech International?

A: BHTech International suggests that Skype is the best way of communication to ensure being in touch with developers every working day.

Q: What if there is any resource terminated unexpectedly by the supplier?

A: BHTech International is not sure that all developers will remain their feet during the project. Therefore, if a developer is terminated, BHTech International will try to arrange for replacement. We will make sure handing over in a minimum of two weeks. You will be charge for the cost of handing over.

Q: What should I do when I decide to cancel the labor contract with a developer?

A: In this case, you should talk directly with BHTech International manager as soon as possible. Your request will be settle down properly.

Q: What should I do when your developers want to be an employee of my organization?

A: Based on the service contract with BHTech International, you are not allowed to hire BHTech International’s developers in at least 24 months from their date of resignation.

Q: How can I daily monitor the team in BHTech International?

A: BHTech International has already have tools to help you monitor such as ActiTime, TrackingTimesheet, … Or developers are also able to follow your tools.

Q: How can I resolve performance issues with developers?

A: BHTech International has a review every 6 months together with customers. Therefore, you can do it together with BHTech International to review developers within your team.