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Our services for software development outsourcing companies

Whom we can help?

We are eager to provide you with your outsourcing custom software development. This service can be profitable and necessary to your business. Our key focus is market segments in Web development companies, Mobile development companies, Software apps development companies, Game development companies, Digital marketing companies. As BHTech International has extensive experience and deep market understanding, we know how to maximum the benefit for software development outsourcing companies.

We Extend your in-house software development team

BHTech International specializes in providing its customers with qualified software engineers along with effectiveness. In case, you start your outsource software development. We help you find the most appropriate and qualified software developers to expand your current team with our in-house developers. We take into account project’s size, its complexity, desired technology, the time frame and personal/human resource requirements. We would like our company to become your reliable outsourcing software development partner in delivering viable projects to market.